One-on-One Coaching

In the midst of life’s transitions, women often find themselves grappling with a myriad of challenges – from uncertainty and self doubt to the overwhelming weight of change. That’s where I step in. At Pink Skies Ahead, I specialize in guiding women through these tumultuous times by building better habits. Whether you are navigating a career shift, a personal transformation, or any significant life change, establishing positive habits can be the anchor you need. Let me help you overcome the hurdles of indecision, boost your self-confidence, and create sustainable routines that empower you to thrive through these transitions. Together, we’ll turn challenges into opportunities, creating a roadmap towards a more confident, purposeful, and fulfilled you.

Time: 7 weeks

Cost: $700

What you get:

Seven, 1 hour long one-one-one coaching sessions

Tools and resources

Journaling prompts

An accountability partner

Weekly emails with resources to help guide you on your journey

Payment plans available

Ready to transform your life and navigate transitions with resilience?

Take the first step toward a more empowered version of yourself by joining my coaching program. Together, we’ll embark on a personalized journey of self-discovery, building daily habits that anchor you through life’s challenges. Imagine unlocking a roadmap for lasting transformation, where intentional habits become the catalyst for a more purposeful and fulfilling life. Say goodbye to uncertainty and self-doubt, and let’s craft a narrative that aligns with your values and aspirations. Click below to schedule a consultation and let’s start this transformative journey together. Your empowered future awaits – let’s make it happen!


Pink Skies Ahead is proudly anti-racist, LGBTQIA+ inclusive and welcomes individuals from all diverse backgrounds, regardless of religion, race, sexual orientation, gender identity or political views. Pink Skies Ahead believes in fostering an environment that embraces and celebrates all backgrounds, ensuring that everyone feels valued and respected throughout their transformative coaching experience. Your unique identity is not just accepted but celebrated as an integral part of our inclusive community.

Zofia Wolicki


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